Goldie’s Rotisserie food truck will be selling food outside Grange Hall during Saturday’s Climate Action Week finale, following the West Tisbury select board’s approval of the event during their Wednesday meeting.

But the future of food trucks after Saturday remains up for debate, with a joint meeting of the select board and planning board scheduled to discuss the matter May 18.

“I oppose them because they’re not a permitted use,” select board member Skipper Manter said at Wednesday’s meeting, held online.

But that doesn’t mean he is against the mobile eateries themselves, Mr. Manter clarified later in the meeting. His objection is to what he sees as a violation of town bylaws that prohibit retail sales in the town’s village district.

“I’m looking forward to [bylaw] changes so I can vote yes on these things,” Mr. Manter said.

The food truck for Saturday’s event was initially denied a permit by town zoning inspector Joe Tierney, who excluded it based on a town bylaw banning fast food restaurants.

Event organizer Giulia Casalino appealed Mr. Tierney’s decision to the town zoning board of appeals, which agreed last week to overturn the zoning inspector’s decision and refund Ms. Casalino’s $200 appeal fee.

The revised event application then returned to the select board for final approval Wednesday night.

During the discussion, town administrator Jennifer Rand explained that a mix-up between the town’s zoning and health inspectors led to the regular use of food trucks at the Grange during the Vineyard Artisans Festivals last summer.

“Joe handles the zoning and Omar [Johnson, the town health agent] handles the food,” Ms. Rand said.

“The event permit Joe signs doesn’t specify where the food is coming from, [and] Omar didn’t understand the zoning issue,” she continued. “It was a breakdown in communications.”

By the time Mr. Tierney realized that the festivals’ food was coming from trucks, Ms. Rand said, it was late in the summer and he decided to let them finish the season.

Mr. Tierney was not present Wednesday, but will attend the May 18 joint meeting with the select and planning boards, which is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

­— Louisa Hufstader