Martha’s Vineyard is currently classified as high risk for Covid-19, with case counts on the rise and one person hospitalized with the virus as of Monday, the Island boards of health reported.

In their daily update Monday, the six boards of health reported a total of 150 cases for the seven-day period ending May 16. Of those cases, 49 were from PCR tests while 101 were from over-the-counter tests.

The person who was hospitalized was in fair condition, a hospital spokesman said Monday.

As the risk level began to rise on the Vineyard last week, the boards of health issued a statement urging Islanders to take proper precautions against infection, including wearing masks when in crowded indoor spaces, and testing and staying home if experiencing symptoms.

“Mild symptoms, such as sniffles and allergy like symptoms, are often the first signs of Covid,” Tisbury health agent Maura Valley told the Gazette in an email last Friday. “Unfortunately, when these mild symptoms first appear many individuals have not yet developed a high enough viral load to get a positive on an OTC test. Anyone with symptoms that tests negative on an OTC test should continue to isolate themselves from others and retest in a day or two, especially if they’ve been exposed to a positive individual. If symptoms don’t improve and they continue to test negative with the home test they should schedule an appointment with the hospital for a PCR test.”

Free over-the-counter test kits and N-95 masks are available during regular business hours in board of health offices at town halls.