Issues from abortion protections to the Martha’s Vineyard Housing Bank were top of mind for Islanders at a town hall forum hosted by state Rep. Dylan Fernandes at the Oak Bluffs Library last week.

About 40 people attended. Mr. Fernandes spoke about legislative activity affecting the Vineyard, including the use of American Rescue Plan Act funds for early education and child care benefits, a bill allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses and efforts to protect abortion rights.

“We’ve done a lot on just regular legislative policy,” he said.

Much discussion centered on the housing bank, which will head to the state legislature soon as a home rule petition, after passing on the town meeting floor in every town and at the ballot box in five of the six towns. Tisbury will take the last vote on the housing bank at its annual town election May 24.

The home rule petition will join several others on Beacon Hill, Representative Fernandes said. State lawmakers are expected to eventually craft a bill that would clear the way for towns to adopt real estate transfer fees, putting the funds toward affordable housing.

“The legislation will pass as an enabling act,” he said. “No one city or town is going to just do it by themselves.”

In other legislative action, Mr. Fernandes also said he’s working to codify electric bikes under state law, as they currently have no legal distinction from a regular bike.

“They exist in like this legal gray area between bikes and mopeds,” he said.

— Aidan Pollard