The progress pride flag will fly from the Oak Bluffs town hall as planned next month, but a new policy adopted by the select board last week will set strict rules for the future about non-governmental flags being flown from town properties.

Under the new policy, only the American flag, Massachusetts flag, Oak Bluffs flag, POW-MIA flag and military flags will be permitted on town flagpoles.

“Third party flags are not going to be flown,” town administrator Deborah Potter said in an email to the Gazette, further explaining the new policy, which was adopted by the board last Tuesday on an interim basis.

At the same meeting the board upheld it April 26 decision allowing the progress pride flag to fly in Ocean Park for the first two weeks of June.

The progress pride flag is an LGBTQ+ pride flag that includes stripes for people of color and transgender members of the LGBTQ community.

“The board decided to allow the pride progress flag to fly as they approved on April 26, as that approval occurred prior to the implementation of the new policy,” Ms. Potter wrote.

— Aidan Pollard