Edgartown will open the commercial softshell clam season in Edgartown Great Pond in early June following a vote by the select board Monday.

Last year marked the first time for a softshell clam season in a few years, shellfish constable Rob Morrison told the board. He reported that everything went smoothly last year despite only a few participants.

“But it was a good opportunity for those that did [participate],” he said.

The season will run from June 6 through Sept. 1. Harvesting will only be allowed in open areas, and clammers will be limited to two 10-gallon wash baskets per day. Fishing will be allowed Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

In other business Monday, the select board granted the Edgartown Fireman’s Association a one-day liquor license for its barbeque on May 29.

Town administrator James Hagerty reported that Friday’s march to the sea by Edgartown school children will end at the Reading Room dock off Cooke street instead of at Memorial Wharf. The private club offered its dock due to delays to the ongoing project to rebuild the wharf.

“The good news is we’re going to be returning to the march to the sea with full attendance from the Edgartown School,” Mr. Hagerty said. “The bad news, it’s not going to be at Memorial Wharf due to the ongoing construction.”

 — Zach Harris