Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students staged a walkout at noon Thursday in solidarity with the victims of the school shooting in Uvalde, Tex.

Students and staff congregated in front of the school holding signs ranging from protests against gun violence to anti-racism and solidarity with Ukraine.

Walk-out was sanctioned by the school. — Ray Ewing

“I felt we needed to do something,” said senior Alison Custer, who organized the walkout.

Done in concert with a nationwide walkout encouraged by Everytown and Students Demand Action, the walkout was sanctioned by the high school and lasted just a few minutes before students were directed back inside.

As students headed back to their classrooms, Custer and two other students, Mya Gardener and Bryone Brown, knelt on the sidewalk in front of the school for as long as they were allowed, holding signs and raising their fists in the air.

Alison Custer, Mya Gardner and Bryone Brown. — Ray Ewing

“We need more action to prevent this from happening,” Custer said.

Senior Jesse Yacubiam said he felt the walkout was all but compulsory after the shooting in Texas.

“I think it was really tragic what happened,” he said. “I believe it was kind of necessary to be out here.”

Maggie Best, a junior, said she was fed up with the violence.

“We keep protesting and speaking out and nothing is occurring,” she said.

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