Although their kids and grandkids are not able to travel to town for the occasion, they’ll be sending lots of good cheer to John Furst as he celebrates the big 7-0. Along with his lovely bride Amy, dear friends from childhood, Nancy and Steve Stone will make their way to Pond Mark from Rhode Island to celebrate the on June 25 as John transitions from one decade to the next. Oh happy day.

Tova Shanok has traveled from her home in Germany with son Gabe who is on the brink of turning three. They’ll be puttering around town for about three weeks. If you like to play catch or spy things with binoculars, you and Gabe will become fast friends.

Ed Levy and Julie Tischler were at the Levy family home on Prospect Hill with their sons Jonah and Ezra this past weekend. Palling around with this adventurous crew was a college buddy of Ed’s whose name escapes me at the time of my writing.

Will, Tory and Will Dolan have arrived and settled in just in time to enjoy the summer solstice. Young Will just finished his freshman year at the University of Alabama — Roll Tide! — and will be back manning the pumps at the Texaco for another summer.

June 20 marks a special day for Ann and Hal Noyes. The couple, spotted daily making their Menemsha loop stroll even in the rain, sleet or snow, celebrated their sixty-third wedding anniversary. I love that they are wearing ear to ear smiles each time I see them. They are a true pleasure to share a few words with.

On Wednesday, June 29 at 5 p.m., the Jim Thomas Choir will be singing at the Chilmark Library. Seasonal resident Virginia Stone shared that it was described by one of the librarians as “one of our most favorite programs.” In addition to having the opportunity to listen to this choir, authors Jim Thomas and Dr. Lorna Andrade, along with Virginia as the illustrator, will be on hand to sell and sign their recently-published book, A Guidebook for Young People Studying U.S. Slave Songs. Proceeds of their sales will go to the choir.

Jackie and Bo Hornbuckle, along with daughter Isobel and friend Elliot, have made their way from their home in Maryland for a week to see family, friends and do a few household chores. Isobel is on break from Brown University. Jackie is one of those people I can pick up a conversation with like we just chatted yesterday despite the fact we only see each other once, maybe twice a year. I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of lifelong friend.