MCLC Family LP purchased 135 Middle Road and 135R Middle Road in Chilmark from Reginald G. Silva, Deborah E. Silva and Tobias S. Silva for $2,525,000 on June 28.

Jessica Millstone Trs., Heather Millstone Trs. and Robert Garrick Millstone Revocable Trust purchased 26 Pinkletink Road in Chilmark from Michael A. Bass Trs., Jackson S. Craig Trs. and Tracey N. Craig Irrevocable GST Trust of 2020 for $3,495,000 on June 28.

Chilhead Ventures LLC purchased 512 North Road in Chilmark from Swordfish Enterprises LLC for $2,575,000 on June 30.


Meredith Wolff and Samuel Wolff purchased 36 Mill street in Edgartown from Sandra S. Scheuer Trs. and Sandra S. Scheuer Living Trust for $3,200,000 on June 30.

James McKenna and Wendy McKenna purchased 80 Pilgrim Road in Edgartown from Matthew T. D’Andrea and Amybeth C. D’Andrea for $1,800,000 on July 1.

Beth R. Suereth Trs., Russell R. Suereth Jr. Trs. and Suereth Living Trust purchased 15 Mill street, Unit 31F in Edgartown from James J. Pardini and Nancy Pardini for $260,000 on July 1.

Six Robins Nest LLC purchased 6 Robins Nest Road in Edgartown from Patricia J. Sharples for $1,250,000 on July 1.

Oak Bluffs

Kathryn R. Ham Trs. and Oak Grove Realty Trust purchased 10 Winthrop avenue in Oak Bluffs from Louise M. Dahill for $810,000 on June 27.

Dominique Serio purchased 2 Nahoman street in Oak Bluffs from Leeann Deleo and Lee Ann Deleo for $875,000 on July 1.

Vineyardville LLC purchased 11 Peter M. Williamson Boulevard in Oak Bluffs from Robert G. Stafford for $4,299,000 on July 1.

Vineyard Haven

Anthony J. Breth and Taylor N. Armer purchased 60 Bernard Circle in Vineyard Haven from Jesse M. Steere and Linda M. Norton Est. for $500,000 on June 28. Isabelle Lew Trs. and 14 Hatch Nominee Trust purchased 14 Hatch Road in Vineyard Haven from Iyah K. Romm and Sylvia V. Romm for $3,789,000 on June 30.

West Tisbury

Julia B. Wells 2018 Trust purchased 2 South Gate Road in West Tisbury from Gate House Real Estate Trust for $2,440,000 on June 27.

Island Housing Trust Corporation purchased 5 Harpoon Lane, Unit 3 in West Tisbury from Jason A. Neago, Jason Neago, Darcy H. Neago and Darcy Neago for $295,276 on July 1.