Lots of activity and happenings at the Chappy Community Center. The Wampanoag Nation sponsors a talk on June 14. Yoga three days per week with a different leader each day. Open movement with Margaret Knight and Lily Morris weekly. Mahjong, pickle ball, on-going book sale, ice cream window, lobster roll dinners, classical and a capella music concerts, tennis and sailing lessons, photo contest and snorkeling are all scheduled for the very busy summer that the staff has planned.

Tickets for the big fundraiser on June 19 are on sale. Fabulous new items for the Fund the Future on-line auction are added daily. The deadline to sign up for the Chappy tennis tournament is July 20. Check the website at chappycommunitycenter.org for the most up to date information.

Household hazardous waste collection is on Saturday June 16. Bring your yucky stuff to the community center between 7 and 8 a.m. Volunteers of the Chappy Water Resources committee will be there to take it off your hands and deliver it to the MV Refuse District transfer station, saving you the trip to town.

Mark your calendar for Chappaquiddick Island Association’s Summer of 2022 Meeting on Saturday July 30 starting at 9 a.m. at the community center. Only one meeting per year these days. Always informative, always interesting.

Well water testing on Chappy continues. To get yours tested, see the water quality section of the Chappaquiddick Island Association website.

So far this year, hurricane season has been quiet — but don’t let that fool you. The National Hurricane Center website has lots of information and early forecasting. The local weather stations and even the Weather Channel get distracted by the current weather and don’t always notice the beginnings of storms off the coast of Africa.

On a recent trip to the west coast, I was asked where I was from. Upon learning that I lived on an island off the east coast, the inquirer commented that they couldn’t imagine having to be constantly vigilant for hurricanes. I pointed out that we have enough time to haul boats, put away lawn furniture, gas up the car and even, these days, sell your house before a hurricane arrives. I pointed out that west coast earthquakes, on the other hand, give you just enough time to say, “Uh oh!”