Breathing started to get heavy with less than a mile to go on the Amity Island Running Club’s weekly run from Bad Martha Farmers Brewery in Edgartown. The rain kept falling, showing no signs of relent. But motivation only grew stronger — there was pizza, and beer, waiting at the finish.

“We just wanted to spread the word about running and how it can bring people together,” said Meg McDonald, a founding member of the running club. “It’s been really exciting to see all the friendships that have been made.”

The running club started around 2015 with a small group running from Bad Martha for “thirstyThursdays,” Ms. McDonald said. The club has grown significantly in the years since, with some summer runs amassing about 40 participants.

“I think when we started it was like maybe 10 people,” she said.

Over pitchers of beer, water and pizza, dozens of runners regrouped after their run to chat and bask in the gratification of a good workout. As runners continued to return from three, four and five mile outings, the group quickly outgrew the small corner table reserved for the running club.

Reaan Steenkamp, an ultramarathon runner, said he comes to the club’s runs for the social aspect. It’s refreshing after hours spent solo on the Vineyard’s roads and trails.

“Lot of time on the road by myself,” he said.

Runners of all ages and abilities attend the club’s weekly runs. On Mondays in the summer, it’s the run from Bad Martha, and on Thursdays the group gets together at Bend in the Road Beach for another run followed by beer, hot dogs and lounging in the sand.

“Your distance, your pace,” Ms. McDonald said.

A group of devotees also meets early Sunday mornings for a long run, often covering distances upwards of 10 miles.

Over the winter, runners still meet at a rotating cast of bars once a week for a run followed by refreshments. For the dedicated runner, there is no offseason.

“There’s a few really good runners here,” Mr. Steencamp said. “A lot of marathon runners in this group.”

Ms. McDonald said Nadine Cunningham, another founding member, recently completed her 50th marathon in her 50th state, and Anna Starzyk has three marathons circled on her calendar this fall.

For many of the runners in the group, the welcoming atmosphere and companionship keeps them coming back week after week.

Alex Lam joined the club after watching the group meet at Bad Martha weekly from his job on the other side of the brewery’s bar.

“It’s nothing but support,” he said. “Never competitive — aways motivational.”

The group’s annual Amity Island 5k and fun run is slated for this Sunday, August 7. The group took over the run in Katama — formerly called the Scoops Tour of Edgartown — several years ago. Now it’s an event that serves to celebrate the club and the Island’s running community.

“When we changed the name, it was kind of a big deal,” Ms. McDonald said.

Registration for the race is open through 5 p.m. Friday, August 5 at

Whether training for a marathon or a 5k, the Amity Island Running Club attracts runners from across the Island every week for beer, food and exercise.

“It’s just comfortable — it’s easy,” Ms. McDonald said. “Runners are just great people.”