The Chappy Community Center continues to be a hub of activity. This Saturday, August 6, the Verona Quartet performs in the classical music series. Dick Johnson will be speaking about tickets at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 11. The Calendar contest photos are on display: voting has begun and ends Aug 21. Check the website at for the latest updates and information. And don’t forget that the annual meeting for the community center takes place at 9 a.m. on August 13.

A few days ago there was a posting in the Chappy Chat group on Facebook, inquiring about emergency service during the hours that the Chappy Ferry isn’t running. Chappy is unique in many ways but it is no different from the rest of America when it comes to 911 emergencies. If you have an emergency that requires the fire department, the police department, the ambulance or the hospital emergency room, dial 911. This course of action applies day or night, whether the ferry is running or not. It may be after hours or it may be during a hurricane. No matter, still dial 911.

The Chappy Ferry is an integral part of the Edgartown fire, police and ambulance services. When the ferry isn’t running because of high winds or street flooding caused by high tides, rest assured that there is a Plan B and Plan C in place to get you off Chappy that involves emergency services as well as the harbor master’s department. All you have to do is dial 911.

Years ago, we recommended that you call from a landline. Nowadays the 911 system on the islands is fully advanced. When you call from a cell phone, GPS indicates where you are. Either way is equally fine. Once you dial 911, you are connected to all of the branches of emergency services — including the Chappy Ferry. There is always a captain on call and immediately available to get the ferry running.

During the daytime, if you need to get someone to the emergency room, dial 911. The communications center will notify the ferry crew that you are on the way and in a hurry. When you get to the ferry point, wait in the cut line where you have seen the UPS, U.S. mail and FedEx trucks staging. The ferry crew will have been given a description of your car so that they know who to wave on board. They will put you on the very next ferry.

If you are released from the hospital emergency room in the middle of the night, tell the hospital staff that you are returning to Chappy. They will notify the communications center who will then notify the on-call ferry driver. There is no extra charge for after-hours unforeseen emergency calls to and from the hospital.

Dogs are family members and get the same consideration as humans for emergency service on the ferry. If your dog needs emergency medical attention, day or night, dial 911. During regular hours of operation, they will let us know that you are on the way. After hours, they will notify the on-call ferry captain.

Remember: one call does it all, 911.