Dukes County commissioners will seek to begin a dialogue with the state, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown about safety issues at the big bridge following the tragic deaths of brothers Tavaughn and Tavaris Bulgin last weekend. On August 17 county commissioners discussed the bridge jumping incident and improvements that can be made to increase safety in the area.

“Just talk about the general safety issues there,” commissioner Tristan Israel said. “This cannot continue the way it is.”

On Aug. 14 a late-night gathering of coworkers jumping from the big bridge ended in the deaths of Tavaughn and Tavaris Bulgin, two summer workers in their 20s employed at Nomans. A days-long search to find the bodies of the brothers followed the incident, as the Island mourned and donated more than $150,000 to a gofundme for the Bulgin family. County commissioners offered their condolences to the family at the August 17 meeting.

“It’s been a major tragedy for our Island as a whole,” commissioner Christine Todd said. “It’s not something [to be] taken lightly at all.”

However, county manager Martina Thornton explained that the county has no jurisdiction over the big bridge, or any safety measures that may be taken there.

“The bridge is not in county jurisdiction, period,” she said, explaining that the state controls the bridge. “They have to decide to enforce such a thing.”

Mr. Israel said it would behoove the county to get in contact with the state department of transportation as soon as possible and try to begin a conversation about the bridge.

“The entire area is unsafe,” he said. “So hopefully that discussion would be wide-ranging.”

County commissioners also called for a meeting with Steamship Authority representative Jim Malkin in light of a slate of recent troubles with the ferry line. Within a recent stretch of five days, the ferry Nantucket was sidelined twice with engine issues.

“A lot is going on, a lot of people are upset,” said commissioner Keith Chatinover.

Commissioners agreed that a meeting, or potentially a public hearing, with Mr. Malkin on steamship issues is in order. But some members of the commission noted that Mr. Malkin is off Island, and any meeting is not likely to occur for some weeks.

Also on August 17, county manager Martina Thornton stressed that the county is still searching for a new treasurer to carry out the duties of former Treasurer Ann Metcalf until an election can be held for the position next November. Some duties are now being carried out by longtime former Tisbury treasurer Tim McLean on what is intended as a temporary basis.

Commissioners noted that, because county treasurer is an elected position, they are limited to candidates who already live in Dukes County.

“Even in towns it’s hard to find someone with financial credentials,” Mr. Israel said, stressing that the position has been difficult to fill for the county.