We could not have asked for better weather over the past weekend. It was sunny, not too hot and there was a breeze. There is no better way to spend the busiest weekend of the summer.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Gusttavo Dias, who celebrated on August 20; Andre Mejia-Castro on August 21; Anna Rodriques on August 24; and to Cali Grow, Dani Grow and Joao Oliveira who all celebrate their day on August 26.

The traffic is dwindling. I can make it to work in half the time in the morning. It is still a little hectic on the way home but you can certainly notice the change.

I have been watching the moms on Facebook as they drop off their child — or should I say young adult — off at college. There are some first-timers: Emma Toomey, who is attending College of Charleston; Hiaggo Gonsalves, who will be attending Assumption University; and JJ Polleys, who will be leaving for Brigham Young University. Good luck to all and have a great school year.

Even though it rained, Johnny Hoy played at the library in the event room. As usual he drew a good crowd of both young and old.

One lady who attends most of the concerts was there with her usual energy. She started getting into the music and before you knew it, she was on her feet and dancing. She is carefree and you can tell she loves to move to the beat.

A young visitor was soon on his feet and dancing with her. Soon after, his sister joined them. It put a smile on all our faces as he moved right along with the older lady. In stride, she took his hand and danced around the floor. Of course, this prompted more dancers to join them. It made it one of my favorite nights at the library.

The fair, along with the fireworks, sort of represents the end of the summer. Yet we look forward to both. I went to the fair and enjoyed the fireworks through social media postings made by my friends.

The fair always provides good food and great music by local musicians but, most of all, the chance to catch up with people you have not seen in a while. My favorite was catching up with Ed and Judy Mayhew, their daughter Sarah Mayhew Shipway, and Sarah’s son Tyler, who is off to his first year of college. While talking to them, Kelly McCarron came over to say hello. Kelly’s late dad Ricky worked with us at the bank. We had a great time reminiscing.

I went back on Sunday to watch the dog show. Ella Blodgett showed her Bernese mountain dog Bacon, who won a blue ribbon in his class. We were all very proud. I made the rounds with Ella’s mom and dad, Ellen and Mark, and stayed for quite a while. I ran into Pat Tyra who was waiting to compete in the skillet toss, which has become one of the most popular events.

Pat told me the skillet toss started 22 years ago and she has competed every year. Last year she received a silver skillet for being the oldest contestant of that year. She said she did not do as well this year but is going to buff up for next year. Good luck, Pat. We will forward to watching you next year.

Now that summer is coming to its end, Sarah Townes Ciacciarelli posted on Facebook that there are 16 Fridays till Christmas. If we start now, the shopping will be over by then. Maybe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.