Joshua A. Recave and David G. Recave purchased a 33.3 per cent undivided interest in property on Rose Meadow Way in Aquinnah from Nola Elsie McGowan, Nola Elsie Vlatkovich, Rolfe Lumley Est., Bronwyn Francis Dowinton for $6,927.40 on August 18.


Robert Andrew Gold and Amelia Elizabeth Ames purchased 9 Collins avenue and 12 Chapel avenue in Edgartown from Fiduciary Trust Co. Trs., David Ames Jr. Trs. and Ames Number Two Realty Trust for $285,000 on August 16.

Susan Sleigh purchased Unit Two at 20 Peases Point Way in Edgartown from MSVineyard LLC for $315,000 on August 19.

Oak Bluffs

Blue Flag Capital LLC purchased 24 Sumner Park Road in Oak Bluffs from Christopher Wey Trs., Eric Wey Trs. and Roger Wey Irrevocable Trust for $3,350,000 on August 19.

Jason Giordano and Megan S. Giordano purchased 11 Poplar Lane in Oak Bluffs from Nan E. Bacon for $715,000 on August 19.

Vineyard Haven

Jeanne Elizabeth Bennett and Michael J. Schmelzer purchased 145 Midland avenue in Vineyard Haven from Sarah C. Rohan for $975,000 on August 16.

Thomas R. Kelley purchased 58 Weaver Court in Vineyard Haven from Wakeby Development Inc. for $50,000 on August 18.