West Tisbury’s three principal governing boards agreed Wednesday that the town needs a zoning bylaw update that clearly states the rules for food trucks and retail sales at special events on private property.

Meeting jointly online with town counsel Ron Rappaport, the select board, planning board and zoning board of appeals moved to set up a working group made up of one member from each board, along with the three board administrators and zoning inspector Joe Tierney.

With input from Mr. Rappaport, the working group will advise the planning board on drafting the new bylaw, which will come before residents in public hearings before appearing on the annual town meeting warrant next spring.

“I’m very concerned about [the] commercial and urbanization of our residential district, which to me strikes at the heart of what West Tisbury was and we’re trying to preserve that to some degree, but change is inevitable and … some adjustments need to be made to allow some of these activities,” said select board member Skipper Manter, who has routinely voted in the minority against special permits for retail sales at events in town.

“I don’t want to say I’m not in favor of them,” Mr. Manter said. “I have been voting no, but that’s because I believe they’re not allowed.”

The boards will appoint their working group representatives at their next individual meetings and the planning board will begin developing the bylaw this fall, members said.