Fred Mascolo purchased 5 Lois Lane in Edgartown from Daniels Realty Trust, Robert S. Daniels Trs., Lynne Chapman Daniels Trs. and Mark Sherman Daniels Trs. for $679,250 on August 23.

James W. Clabby 3rd and Mary K. Clabby purchased 20 Oakdale Drive in Edgartown from Richard S. Dubin and Lee M. Dubin for $1,322,500 on August 23.

Erwin A. Thompson purchased 10 Puwal Lane in Edgartown from Kruppers LLC for $5,600,000 on August 23.

Emily Weedon Monteiro and Joseph Louis Monteiro purchased 5 Lenssen Way and 63 Eel Pond Lane in Edgartown from Eleanor C. Warner, Ahni C. Warner and Eleanor W. Beauchamp for $400,000 on August 25.

Deborah L. Hawkins and John Russell Hawkins purchased 23 Majors Cove Lane in Edgartown from Priscilla S. Bettencourt for $2,125,000 on August 26.

Oak Bluffs

Bing Bing Boom LLC purchased 44 Eastville avenue in Oak Bluffs from Bambu Fund LLC, Leslie Danielle Gaines and Leslie D. Wilson for $680,000 on August 22.

Karen I. Materese purchased Unit 16 at 27 Island Inn Road in Oak Bluffs from Eleanor Santosuosso Trs. and Murphy Family Trust of 2016 for $100,000 on August 26.

West Tisbury

Adrian R. Higgins and Megan M. Higgins purchased 23 South Indian Hill Road in West Tisbury from Peter M. Nicholson for $550,000 on August 26.