The next settled pastor of the Federated Church in Edgartown is the Rev. Mark T. Winters, according to an announcement from the church.

Mr. Winters visited the church for a meet and greet Nov. 12 and delivered the sermon Nov. 13, in a service led by the Rev. Sharon Eckhardt.

At a congregational meeting following his appearance, church members voted unanimously to name Mr. Winters their next settled pastor after search committee members Matt Regan, Karen Meeks, Frederica Carpenter, Dan Pace, Jeanne Staples, Nate Regan and Bill Veno nominated him for the post, according to the announcement.

Services at the Federated Church have been led by a series of guest and interim ministers following the resignation of the previous settled pastor, Richard DenUyl, more than two years ago.

A graduate of Boston College in 1999 and of the Chicago Theological Seminary in 2009, Mr. Winters is currently working toward his doctor of ministry degree at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, according to the announcement.

He was ordained in 2009 and became pastor of the First Congregational Church of Naperville, Ill., in the Chicago metropolitan area, where he has served since then.

Mr. Winters also worked part time as an adjunct faculty member at the Chicago Theological Seminary, where he is currently a member of the board of trustees, according to the announcement.

After moving with his family to the Vineyard this winter, Mr. Winters is scheduled to step into the Federated pulpit on Feb. 19.