Oak Bluffs

Ellen Exum purchased 71 Rogers Way in Oak Bluffs from Virginia Logan and Sandra S. Nichols Est. for $1,149,000 on Nov. 15.

Robin D. Stone and Rodney Pope purchased 50 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs from Joanna M. Fairchild for $1,315,000 on Nov. 15.

Chinese-Serbian LLC purchased 6 Farm Path in Oak Bluffs from Laurence E. Toler and Jeanne E. Toler for $1,295,000 on Nov. 16.

Lucky A LLC purchased 4 Troy street in Oak Bluffs from Richard J. McNulty Trs., Jane K. McNulty Trs. and McNulty Nominee Trust for $5,800,000 on Nov. 18.

Vineyard Haven

Raymond L. Bruce and Darlene Grant Bruce purchased 38 Lake street in Vineyard Haven from Cornelius D. Murphy and Maureen S. Murphy for $1,200,000 on Nov. 14.

Lucas Ramsey and Camila Ramsey purchased 48 Look street in Vineyard Haven from William M. Baxter for $795,000 on Nov. 18.