It was just lying there, begging me to pick it up and do something with it. It wasn’t a heads up lucky penny, but it was Great Grandma Bette’s cinnamon roll recipe. For years, Emmett made a modified version of these sweet treats for Sunday night supper. This dated back to the days when his boys were young and, like most of us who were little in the 1970s and early 80s, had a similar Sunday evening routine. Bath, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and Disney; that was the ritualistic routine. The Carroll routine included cinnamon rolls and Emmett’s version substituted Bisquick for flour.

I digress. This past Sunday we resurrected the routine. I went a little crazy and made two different types of cinnamon rolls. One was Great Grandma Bette’s original recipe made with buttermilk — I don’t think I’ve ever purchased buttermilk — and the other was a traditional yeast dough recipe followed to a T.

Considering I don’t cook, both turned out well and leftovers were not a thing. But a Sunday night sugar buzz was.

Darn, I wrote the following, but at the eleventh hour I received notification from Charlotte Wright that, due to an uptick in Covid cases, community suppers have been temporarily paused. The following information, I guess, will be something to look forward to once the gatherings resume:

Community meals are a great way to use warm food in your belly to chase those wintertime blues right out of your head. Tuesday evenings, all are welcome to stop in at the Chilmark Church’s Parish Hall to break some bread, enjoy good conversation and perhaps a round or two of that fun game Bananagrams. The doors open at 5:30 p.m. and close once the conversation wanes and the games are stowed until next time. You never know who you might strike up a conversation with. You just might find Allison Flanders, Janet Weidner, Tom Ruimerman, Jane Slater, Ted and Judy Mayhew, Ann and Hal Noyes and more.

After 36 years of faithful and dedicated service, Judy Mayhew has retired from her post on the board of registrars. Her face, with a smile, was one that welcomed us to town meeting year after year. Her community spirit and civic duty is greatly appreciated.

Town clerk Jennifer Christy mentioned the task of finding just the right person to fill Judy’s shoes. General responsibilities include registering voters, making local listings of residents, certifying nomination papers and petitions, processing absent voter applications and administering election recounts. The board of registrars must always contain, as nearly as possible, representatives from the two leading political parties and is currently in need of a member who is a registered Republican voter. Please email or call 508-645-2100.

It’s budget season in town and the finance committee will be spending a lot of time sitting around the table scouring through numbers as each board presents its financial plan for the upcoming fiscal year. Thank you to Susan Murphy, Marshall Carroll, Vicki Divoll, Robert Hannemann, Don Leopold, Bruce Golden and Eric Glasgow for spending the next couple of weeks doing this.

Lena, the rescue pup currently being fostered by Lisa, Jennifer and Gloria Burkin, is still looking for her furever home. She’s got a lot of energy, but has mastered a number of training exercises and will make a fabulous companion for folks who enjoy cuddles and romps in the great outdoors.

Adam Knight has been passing some time creating fishing lures. His dad Pete tells me there’s a new airbrushing kit ready to be put to the test, adding some fine details to Adam’s unique lures. Lure making takes patience and knowledge. Knowledge Adam has picked up on his countless hours at the water’s edge.

The Vineyard USCG Auxiliary will be offering a boating safety course on Jan. 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the West Tisbury fire station. The cost for the class and all associated materials is $50. Send an email to if you’re interested.

How did I forget to mention that Jessica Campbell and Michael Dullea adopted a pup? Ray, a name that always reminds me off Brooks’s favorite barbecue sauce Sweet Baby Ray’s, is the one this boxer pup has claimed and it suits him. He’s about half a year old and enjoys his humans and frolics on the beach. He also loves Mariah Campbell, who claims the title of dog aunt if there is such a thing.