Little pup Leo made a break for it last weekend and, at the time of my writing, he was still frolicking about town. He got on the trail of what were likely some fascinating scents and found himself a bit turned around and is now wandering the area between where he started his adventure in Hewing Field to where he’s been spotted near Tea Lane Farm.

Leo, the little brown-orange fluff ball of a pup, belongs to Ty Sinnett. Ty is out of the country and feeling a bit distraught as she manages Leo’s capture from the other side of the globe.

Leo is skittish but food-oriented. After many days on walkabout, he’s likely a bit hungry. Salmon is his favorite treat but at this point, if you’re calm and quiet, he may come to you for anything that resembles nourishment.

Although this little rescue pup has been in Ty’s good care for about a year, he’s still a bit nervous around people. If you get down low and have a basket or bag for him to cuddle into he just might willingly go with you. Baskets and bags, for Leo, are a sign of security and some sort of pending adventure.

Any sightings may be reported to Chris Murphy, the Chilmark animal control officer, at 508-693-6610 or to Ty via her Instagram (Starfox413) or Facebook page.

Drive Middle Road slower than usual and keep your eyes open. It’s time for Leo to be home.

Across town, nestled in the Quenames woods, there is a new tiny human ready to embark on life’s journey. Seven-pound Sadie Abigail Coutinho was born on Jan. 2. Her joy-filled, but presumably tired, parents Jenna and Cody are in awe of her presence.

Three-year old big brother Henry welcomed her home, sporting his “best brother ever” T-shirt. He has promised to live up to those expectations 99 per cent of the time because, as we all know, none of us are perfect. Sadie’s four doting grandparents — Linda and Robert Coutinho and Gail and Chris Zechner — are eager and qualified to help guide this little lady through a glorious and fun-filled existence. Congratulations to all.

Town clerk extraordinaire Jennifer Christy shouts out a reminder that, with our town elections coming up on April 26, now is the time to think about applying to vote by mail should you anticipate being out of town on that day. You can apply in person at the town hall or you can download the application (at and return in person, by mail to Town Clerk, P.O. Box 119, Chilmark, MA 02535 or via email at Questions? Dial Jennifer at 508-645-2107.

Are you interested in travel to Scotland but can’t quite swing it in person? Tom Dresser invites you to travel vicariously with him by way of a slideshow/talk at the West Tisbury Library on Thursday, Feb. 9 at 4:30 p.m. The long distance hike he took with his daughter on the West Highland Way is a highlight you won’t want to miss.

I had a chance to take a little stroll with Jane Slater the other day. We quite literally walked Basin Road side by side, and I listened as she did a little memory lane strolling.

Some of you may have heard the song Aphrodite frequently performed by Mark Lovewell and Molly Conole. It was written by Ted Brown and Jane some years ago and tells the tale of this famous swordfishing boat that operated out of Menemsha in the 1950s.

Jane shared the news that her dear friend Theodore (Ted) Strater Brown died a short while back at his New London, N.H. home at the age of 91. His poetic obituary states, “He grew up with a love of the sea, fostered by summers spent on his grandparents’ farm in West Tisbury, Martha’s Vineyard, and crewing with the swordfishing fleet out of Menemsha.” This dear friend will be missed.

Speaking of sword boats, Scott McDowell is working on a new mechanical copper piece at his Copperworks shop. It’s coming together beautifully and, if you want a sneak peak, stop by the shop when the Open sign is up or visit via his Instagram page, Copperworks. He’s got unique and fascinating stuff.