This week is for reflecting on sub-zero temperatures as if it were a lifetime ago. Negative four degrees and blowing 35 miles per hour can certainly be defined as frigid.

Saturday was the second time in my 33 years sharing the helm of the Texaco that we chose not to open. The heater and the dispensers just didn’t want to operate at those temperatures. For the safety of our humans — both staff and customers — we kept the shop shuttered. Believe it or not, because of the heater’s unhappiness, it was all of 12 degrees inside. We thank you for your understanding.

This week is also for looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I know Valentine’s Day has a dark origin dating back to, I believe, Roman times. I didn’t research this but rather I’m going with what’s nestled away in the depths of my grey matter whether it’s accurate or not. After reflecting on this and casting it aside, I enjoy the simplistic rituals Valentine’s Day has to offer.

My Gram would always send me the tiniest Whitman’s Sampler box. It held maybe four terribly-flavored confections and it brought me great joy. Now I’m easily satisfied with the exchange of a heart emoji text or a handwritten note from any of my favorite humans.

One of my favorite quotes, although not attributed to Valentine’s Day, comes from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s The Spanish Student. “Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak” fits February in New England just perfectly.

Speaking of hearts, well wishes to Jackie Mendez-Diez who recently had a pacemaker installed. Jackie is strong and resilient, and recovering quickly.

Slightly belated, yet just as important, is a warm welcome to Ruby and Paul Iantosca’s newest grandchild. Isla Iantosca was born on Dec. 24, 2022 and welcomed by, to name a few, her doting big cousins Nora (age eight) and Autumn (age five) Godin. Isla makes her home with big brother Brayden (age two and a half) and parents Justin and Anita.

Scott McDowell has spent countless hours this past week working on his mechanical swordboat fishing scene. The ocean waves move. The spotter high atop the mast raises his arms to point out the swordfish. I could go on and on sharing all these little details but you should stop in at the Copperworks and see this whimsical piece firsthand. Following him on Facebook or Instagram would be the next best thing.

The crew at Station Menemsha has been quite busy with some noteworthy events. Crew members including — to name a few — Steven White, Shane Mullen and Caden Thomas, traveled to the Tisbury School to participate in World Read Aloud Day. They read books, chatted and enjoyed lunchtime with a bunch of great little people.

Station Menemsha also hosted the Fishing Partnership whose team came to town to provide a class on first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator. The boathouse was filled with participants, mostly from the commercial fishing community, and included Nick Wilbur, Matt Mayhew Chris Mayhew, Otto Osmers, Steve Larsen and more. It was a wonderful opportunity to refresh previously learned life saving skills and open participants eyes to new knowledge.

I’d like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of Lorraine Kirkland. Lorraine spent many summers enjoying her family’s Menemsha home. She was often spotted smiling alongside her husband Bill as they visited with friends during their extended stays in town. Her memory will carry on through Bill, her children and grandchildren.

Congratulations to Tim Walsh of F/V Helen L. Tim has made the leap to homeownership in Maine. It was a big leap but one he is proud of. He has settled in North Berwick and officially opened his business Walsh Welding & Woodworking.

After a rigorous interview process, Sergeant Sean Slavin has been offered the position of Chilmark police chief. I first met Sean back in 1997 and have had an opportunity to interact with him as he progressed from Aquinnah to West Tisbury and — since 2009 — through the ranks in Chilmark. The department will be in strong, capable hands with Sean at the helm.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Jonathan Klaren for leading the department and tending to our community for the past six years.