Recently, the dire forecasts for storm-driven flooding along the Edgartown waterfront have seemed to be false alarms. Even when an extra two feet of water are predicted, the outcome has been only half of a foot. I believe this is because of the big leak at the south end of Katama Bay, the breach of Norton Point. The opening continues to flow freely.

So, there is a little bit of a positive side to all of the destructive activity caused by the breach.

The remains of the Wacks’s Wasque house left Chappy in 58 truck loads. It may be of interest to some that the total weight of the structure, including the foundation, was 126 tons. Only one-third of that was the wood, roofing and glass. The other two-thirds were the foundation. Very responsible of those homeowners to keep their house from ending up on the beach.

Over on Nantucket, whole mansions have been allowed to fall into the sea. Perhaps it’s because insurance won’t cover the cost of removal and that it’s useless for a town to place a lien on a building, or even on the land, that will no longer exist. The ocean is very efficient at breaking up large objects into small pieces.

The Chappy Ferry steering committee has been quiet for a while but is looking to meet by Zoom at the end of the first week of April. Stay tuned.