As I start this column, I am sitting and looking at the sun that is ready to go down. I’m thinking we missed that storm when so many mainland people got inches of snow and rain. Now we have warm weather coming at us. Mother Nature is playing with us.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Isabelly Santana and Hailey Townes, who celebrated March 12; Elias Graves on March 13; Arthur Campos, Isabelly Cordeiro, Enzo Da Silva, Una Da Silva, Harper Gilkes and Brayann Silva, who all celebrated March 15; Daniel Bortolotto, Samson Ignacio and Ana Sorde on March 16; and to Alexandra DeMello who celebrates her day on March 17.

The crocuses are up and blooming, the daffodils are growing and the irises are halfway there. Spring is hopeful. Ned Casey even posted that he heard pinkletinks in his yard. Now to wait to see and hear the red-winged blackbirds. Some of the best sounds of spring.

Donaroma’s Nursery is starting to stir. I was saying hello and Ernie has shrubs coming in already. Patty has soil, fertilizers and some Campania pots and animals waiting to be unpacked. I have worked there a long time and it never ceases to amaze me on how fast the empty winter nursery fills up. With Easter soon, the tulips and daffodils will be in, along with the ranunculus and, of course, pansies.

I went to Morning Glory Farm for some of their soup and bread and — of course — a salad from the salad bar for lunch. Of course, that is, after you wander through the bakery section where they had put out some quiche and desserts. You just have to look at them and think, “Do I really need that?” Of course you do.

Driving home, they had their tractor out working in the fields, getting some of the gardens ready. Passing the pond, I noticed how full it is and wondered how long it would stay that way before summer.

Stuart Norton was in the next field, on the Pagoda, picking up branches and getting ready for the beautiful butterfly weed that grows so nicely in the summer.

When I got past them, all I could think of was the colors of the sunflowers in the field of Morning Glory and the orange of the butterfly weed with a mixture of Queen Anne’s lace. The horses are still in the back pastures of Sweetened Water Farm but it won’t be long before they are out nibbling on the grass.

It was a short outing on a dreary day but it was colorful in my thoughts.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.