She may not have been a Chilmarker, but she meandered in and out of town like the tide and most often with a fly rod in hand adorned with a fly she tied impeccably herself. She was an avid sportswoman and a member of the clergy who always shared insightful words and funny anecdotes. Page Rogers died on March 18 and her life will be celebrated Saturday, March 25 at St. John’s Episcopal Church in Niantic, Conn. Take a moment to reflect and cast a fly in her honor the next time you wet a line.

It’s springtime in Chilmark and with that comes an annual reminder from cemetery superintendent Susan Murphy. It is time to remove the lovely Christmas greenery that has now become April brown-ery from the graves of family and loved ones laid to rest at Abel’s Hill Cemetery.

It is up to us to maintain and remove such items, both out of respect for our loved ones and for the simple reason that they cannot do it themselves. In addition to seasonal items such as wreaths, please be reminded that plastic pots and decorative items that have seen better days should be removed periodically. Check out the cemetery regulations on the town website if you have questions.

His name is Ryker Rebel Brown. He was born on March 11, weighing in at seven pound and twelve ounces to Cait and Ezra Brown. He may call Oak Bluffs his hometown but Station Menemsha is where his heart is at. Proud dad is a BM-2 with the U.S. Coast Guard and, as we know, the kids are their pride and joy. Welcome to the family, Ryker.

The League of Women Voters MV will host a candidates forum at the Chilmark Library at 6:30 p.m. on April 3. Lorna Andrade will moderate. Candidates running for office will have an opportunity to share a little bit about themselves, why they are running and what they hope to accomplish if elected.

As you may have heard, we seem to have a contested race for a spot on the select board. After two and a half decades, Warren Doty has chosen to hang up his running shoes. Both Marie Larsen and Russell Maloney have acquired their 25 signatures to have their names placed on the ballot. Chilmark voters will have an opportunity to ask questions of them at the forum.

It is rumored that Matt Poole, who is up for re-election to the board of health, will also be in attendance. If you have questions about the forum, please email coordinator Kris Vrooman at

After a wonderful getaway to Mexico with his bride Chris and daughter Celia, Caleb Slater dove back into work at the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, filling the “trout truck” that has begun stocking ponds on the Cape and Islands. With the truck comes Caleb for a visit with his mom, Jane.

When he is done, 450,000 trout will have be distributed throughout the state. The trout are stocked to create a recreational opportunity and many are stocked into “seasonal trout habitat:” lakes and ponds that are cold enough for trout in the spring but will become too warm in the summer. It is the hope that most of these fish will be caught and taken home for dinner.

Phil Smith has swooped back in to town with Mary Jo Joiner. The two have gone on a walkabout from their home in Alaska, eager to see grandkids, family and friends. Despite the distance they put between Martha’s Vineyard and their now-home in Alaska they’ve done a good job at keeping connected. When Phil pulls up to the pumps, sits a spell on Squid Row or strolls the dock, it’s kind of like he never left.

Have you heard them yet? The pinkletinks have begun singing again around town in their favorite ponds and kettle holes. Stand still, close your eyes and listen. You cannot help but smile when you hear them.