The sun has been out and it makes you feel so revived. It certainly makes you feel a bit more energetic, but the downside is that you see the more of the dust in your house.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Isaac Allen, Victor Daghetti, Gomes Ferreira, Harlow Hannah and Caleb Lucier, who all celebrated on March 19. Pietro De Oliveira celebrated on March 20, Henry Jackson on March 22, Zara Pencheva on March 23, and Julia Florio celebrates on March 24.

Last week I said that Stuart Norton was riding a Pagoda, instead of a Kubota. Stuart is Floyd and the late Jan Norton’s son, so I have known Stuart since 1980 when I moved my horse Tomahawk to their farm. He sent me a great picture of a Pagoda and said he might be a little uncomfortable riding it. It was a great chuckle for the two of us.

What Stuart said also made me smile again. Auntie Jan was so particular about how the fields were mowed because of the butterfly weed and Queen Anne’s lace. She is smiling down on him because Stuart has taken great care of the fields, even collecting seeds from the plants in the fall, planting them on the property and successfully growing more. Auntie Jan would so happy.

The news in town is still quiet but there are many more signs of spring.

It does not get dark until almost seven o’clock, and it is getting light a little earlier. You can hear more birds chirping. The trees and shrubs are budding.

The Boys and Girls Club’s fields are full every night with soccer players. The swings and slides have been full of children, with their parents chatting at the tables.

Barbara Reynolds has her new spring cards out.

The landscapers are cleaning up yards. At Donaroma’s we received a shipment of lilacs and Japanese maples. The hostas are poking out of the ground.

And the animals are shedding.

These are the signs we like to see coming. Pretty soon there will be more people arriving to open their houses and more stores in town will be open.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.