The weather looks hopeful. I hope we are done with winter and monsoon season. I never realized how bad that weather is for arthritis. Bring on spring!

This is the time of year my favorite triplets — Alex, Duncan and Nick Schilcher — meet in Provincetown and celebrate their birthday. They did so. It is their sixth year of this tradition. Soon enough they will be working with Mom, V. Jaime Hamlin, in her wonderful catering business. The food and the presentation are outstanding. Book your seasonal parties now.

I do not think a toddler, kid, young adult, or senior loves Disney World more than my friends Heather Lee Van Murphy and Ashley Van Murphy. They are such regulars there that they were invited to be among the first on a new ride exhibit. They flew to Florida for one day! Had the first tour and use of the ride. They proclaimed it wonderful. They returned that night. I am exhausted just writing about it.

In other travels, my cousin Grace Dowling is on her pre-graduation trip to the United Kingdom, France and other European countries. I will be meeting her mother, Regina Graziani, in Vineyard Haven this weekend. We must discuss if Grace is ever returning; she seems to be deciding between moving to Ireland or Scotland.

Jacqueline Baer’s daughter Gretchen, who left Our Town years ago to open Studio Mariposa in Bisbee, Ariz., has received a wonderful honor from Naco, Sonora, where her art school is held. The director of education and culture in Naco, Sonora is so impressed with Gretchen’s students who are painting that border wall one of our failed presidents insisted on putting up. Last week he asked Gretchen and her friends to paint the new Naco sign. They did a beautiful job.

Julie Howes Gomez-Blanco, her husband and children used to be seasonal residents here in my neighborhood. They still visit every summer. Julie sent the most exciting news. Her daughter Olivia played at Carnegie Hall last week with her high school orchestra. Livvy plays cello. The orchestra was terrific.

More parental pride. Michelle Gerhard Jasny and her husband Max Jasny are so impressed with their daughter Sydney’s fine work with Skidmore’s equestrian team. The team is doing great. Sydney looks so happy.

Tim and Nancy Merriman report that their son Logan did well at his karate tournament last weekend. Daughter Ava was there to cheer him on.

I am sorry I missed three columns. End of winter malaise. I am behind on my birthdays. But aside from my triplet friends I would like to take note that James Taylor’s birthday was on March 14. Many happy returns.