Andrew Nutton began sailing when he was three years old living in England. Now, after 30 years as a sailing coach, he has been named executive director of Sail MV.

Mr. Nutton has been the organization’s director of programs since 2017, and takes over the helm from retiring executive director Jonathan Kettlewell.

Sail MV began in 1992, and for over three decades the nonprofit has fostered the Island’s maritime heritage through sailing lessons and education.

Mr. Nutton and Mr. Kettlewell have been collaborating to ensure a smooth transition.

“When [John] took over, Sail MV was in a bit of a predicament financially,” said Mr. Nutton. “He’s since made sure that the ship didn’t sink and has put everything back together.”

In 2019, Mr. Nutton created Sail Mobility which focuses on helping disabled children and adults get on the water. It’s a program he hopes to develop further, thanks in part to a grant from MVYouth. He plans on increasing the number of boats available for the Maritime Education Program at the regional high school and purchasing new sailboats designed to be accessible to people with physical disabilities.

“We will be getting a lift to get people out of their wheel chairs and into the boats,” said Mr. Nutton. “The end goal is to be able to get a landing craft so that we can go anywhere on the Island with a waterfront... we could then drop the bow down and get our members in wheelchairs wheeled straight onto the boat.”

Mr. Nutton said the organization recently hired Amelia Smith as the new office manager, and hopes to recruit more year-round staff to help with Sail Mobility.

Proud to be taking over for Mr. Kettlewell, Mr. Nutton said he is excited to continue the legacy of the organization.

“I get a bit emotional about it really,” he said. “To see groups of people get on the water who never really thought they could is inspiring.”