I had the most delightful visit last weekend from my cousin Regina Graziani and my friend Mark Steponaitis. I have not seen Regina for 20 years. They both live in Connecticut. Regina had never been to Martha’s Vineyard before. Her daughter Grace Dowling is on a semester in the U.K. When Grace returns I am getting her to visit also. We laughed, exchanged stories and Regina gifted me with a superb box of chocolates from Munsons in Connecticut. We shall not be waiting another 20 years on these get togethers.

Island artist and poet Fan Ogilvie says there are just a few more days to view her work up at the West Tisbury Public Library. Her artist friend Paige Taylor is also showing her work, there. Fan needs suggestions for names of Island nonprofits. She would like to donate one or two paintings. You may send suggestions to fansogilvie@gmail.com.

Meanwhile Louisa Gould is showing a new artist, Eileen Corse, at her Main street gallery. I have seen Eileen’s work. It gets you right into a warmer weather mood. Check it out.

Arnie’s Poetry Cafe continues once a month on a Wednesday night at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. It is free to all and refreshments are served. The art gallery space there is open for viewing from 1 to 4 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The playhouse is a treasure for us.

My author friend Eric Jay Dolin will be receiving an award for his book Rebels at Sea. His books are nonfiction, historical and fun reading. I hope we can get him here for a book signing this summer.

You can bet I shall be at the West Tisbury Library at 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 1. A documentary about Dr. Milton Mazer will be shown. He wrote the book People and Predicaments. He based it on his long work here as one of the Island’s first psychiatrists.

Milton helped so many people. He founded the Island Counseling Center. I met his daughter at New York University. She was one of my dorm mates and an English major, as was I. Ruth Tessa Mazer invited me here in 1968. I had never heard of the Island and that is how I arrived. Her parents Milton and Virginia were so gracious. And who can forget Ruthie’s poetry?

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Joel Rebello. Who was not a friend to him? I remember him in high school. What a sweet young man!

The birthday wagon pulled along Bryann Darcy on March 27. March 28 was a party for Priya Datta, Jennifer Knight and Esther Laiacona. March 30 belongs to Gladys Thomas Toscano. April 1 is shared by George Santos, Kelci Greer, Tina Velazquez and Whitney Vic. And on April 2, Ted Box and Tom Spiconardi take the cake. Many happy returns.