Forty-nine years ago Cooper Gilkes and friends organized the first Kids Trout Tournament. The inaugural event for kids ages zero to 14 took place at Wiggy’s Pond and featured a number of Mr. Gilkes’s family members.

“All five of my kids participated that year,” he said during a chat at his Edgartown tackle shop.

This year his family is still circling the pond.

“Now I have kids of my kids in it,” he said. “Some of my grandchildren have actually aged out, but two will be fishing.”

The Kids Trout Tournament begins at first light on Saturday, April 8 at Duarte’s Pond in West Tisbury. But don’t arrive at dawn expecting to find a spot, Mr. Gilkes urged.

“When I get there at a quarter past four, there will already be kids and parents who have been there since 3 a.m.”

The pond was stocked this week by Keith Wilda of Blue Stream Aquaculture. When asked how many trout are arriving Mr. Gilkes shrugged his shoulders.

“Good question. It’s one big load, maybe two. And it will be a lot of fish.”

Humans are requested to not do any pre-fishing and leave the riches to the kids on Saturday. But osprey don’t abide by terrestrial suggestions and have been enjoying some easy pickings.

Mr. Gilkes said the event is bait only, and suggested night crawlers and PowerBait as best bets for attracting trout.

“There will also be a tangle table,” he said. “Just bring your rod and tangled line to the table and there will be extra rods to use while we fix it. We want the kids to maximize their time fishing.”

“Every kid gets a prize,” he added, while alluding to some new surprises to give out this year.

Fishing will finish by about 10:30 a.m., he said, as trout are early feeders. Coffee and a breakfast of champions will be provided.

“It’s the only day of the year kids get to have hot dogs and donuts for breakfast,” Mr. Gilkes said.