The way Alexandra Bullen Coutts sees it, her career path has been anything but linear. She’s worked as a young adult novelist, a journalist, an entrepreneur and, most recently, as the outreach coordinator at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School.

She now has a new job to add to the list.

Last week, Ms. Bullen Coutts was named the executive director of the Martha’s Vineyard Center for Education and Training (MVCET). Though she’s had a diverse career, she sees her love of working with young adults as the common thread.

“I started out as a young adult novelist because the period of life that is most compelling to me is late adolescence,” Ms. Bullen Coutts said. “I haven’t really outgrown that affinity for that age group.”

MVCET aids Islanders of all ages who are seeking a post-secondary education or trade certification without having to leave the Vineyard. Ms. Bullen Coutts will be taking over for Holly Bellebuono, who served as executive director for three years.

Nancy Hoffman, chair of the MVCET board, said Ms. Bullen Coutts’ connection to the young Island demographic made her stand out from other candidates. Ms. Hoffman explained that people between 18 and 30 years old have been the most difficult for MVCET to connect with and support in the past.

Ms. Hoffman hopes that, with Ms. Bullen Coutts’ leadership, the organization will be able to develop more young adult programming and stronger bonds with young Islanders.

“The young adult programming that we do have really hasn’t made much headway,” Ms. Hoffman said. “Alex has strong ties with the high school and is currently at the charter school… She has a lot of good ideas about branding to reach this population.”

This won’t be Ms. Bullen Coutts’ first time working with MVCET. As a journalist for the Vineyard Gazette, she collaborated with the group while reporting on the opioid crisis and its impact on Island youth.

When she got word that MVCET was searching for a new director, the opportunity felt meant to be.

“I keep circling back to the same initiative no matter where I am,” she said. “I feel really inspired by the population of young adults on the Island… There’s small businesses left and right and vision fellowships to study really incredible things.”

Ms. Bullen Coutts will officially start the role full-time in July. She plans to focus her work on providing resources to young Islanders who feel lost after graduating from high school.

“With no college or college career center here, there’s no centralized place for students to go after graduating,” she said. “We need to reach out to the demographic, make them more aware of our offerings and learn from and listen to them about what they need to succeed.”