Celebrating 20 years as a home to more than 300 Island artists, the Louisa Gould Gallery held a champagne toast last week to celebrate the artists and community who have made its success possible.

Representing 50 artists at a time, Louisa Gould’s gallery is filled floor to ceiling with amateur and professional paintings, ceramic sculptures and drawings.

“It’s just so wonderful to see someone like Louisa, who has introduced new artists and created a space that is so uplifting, celebrate this milestone,” gallery director Brenda Celeste said. “She’s also done such great work to make art accessible.”

Prices in Ms. Gould’s gallery range from around $40 to $50,000, as Ms. Gould strives to curate a collection for almost anyone, from first-time buyers to big-time collectors.

Gallery hosts work from 50 artists at a time. — Mark Alan Lovewell

While making the space accessible for buyers, Ms. Gould also makes it inclusive for a range of talent, from internationally known local artists such the late oil painter Stan Murphy to her 10-year-old son, James, whose drawings — graphite on paper — go for $2 to $25.

“When someone buys your art, it’s exciting,” James said. “I like the money, but mostly I love art.”

Ms. Gould’s more established artists credit her gallery’s success to her dedication and artistic instinct.

“Not every gallery I walk into, I like. But I pretty much always like Louisa’s,” said Kate Huntington, whose oil paintings have hung in Ms. Gould’s gallery for 18 years. “She works so hard, and the gallery is absolutely flooded with some really wonderful pieces — she has wonderful taste.”

Artist Paul Beebe has found a home for his work in Ms. Gould’s gallery for 15 years. He said that she has an unparalleled Island collection.

Artist and gallerist, Louisa Gould.

“One of the best things about the gallery is the eclectic range of art,” he said. “It’s one of the few that covers all the bases. In the time I’ve been here, the biggest, and most positive, change has been the number of up and coming and emerging artists she discovers and brings in.”

The gallery’s constantly changing collection creates a reliable returning clientele seeking new work. Its location at the center of Main street in Vineyard Haven also attracts tourists who wander into the colorful gallery during visits to the Island.

Ms. Gould said that while she appreciates the repeat clients that helped the gallery make it through the 2008 financial crisis and Covid pandemic, she loves that many of her daily visitors happen upon the gallery unexpectedly.

Ms. Gould said that creating a space for people to learn about art and for artists to gather has been one of the most rewarding outcomes from the last 20 years of gallery ownership.

“I like people — the people I work with, both artists and visitors,” Ms. Gould said. “I love art and I believe in our community. I think all that combined has been a real recipe for success.”

The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main street, Vineyard Haven. Visit louisagould.com.