Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission purchased property off State Road in Aquinnah from Nola Elsie McGowan Trs. and Rolfe Lumley Est. for $54,994.50 on August 22.

William L. Seward and Michelle N.K. Seward purchased 371 State Road in Aquinnah from Edwin Hydeman and Aiko Hydeman Est. for $1,670,000 on August 24.


Timothy R. Day and Nicola J. Kileen-Day purchased 39 Price’s Way in Edgartown from Andrew McCann and Elizabeth McCann for $1,325,000 on August 21.

Marsh Hawk MGZ LLC purchased 5 Marsh Hawk Circle in Edgartown from Joan M. Carey for $2,000,000 on August 21.

Jeffrey N. Karp and Jill J. Karp purchased 3 Duarte Circle in Edgartown from Millers Unlimited Properties LLC for $5,700,000 on August 23.

Anthony Pomarico and Natalie Pomarico purchased 23 Jennie Lane in Edgartown from William J. Kennedy and Betty Jean Kennedy for $4,495,000 on August 25.

Matthew J. Cancellare and Shandrekia Cancellare purchased 4 Hye Way in Edgartown for $1,090,000 on August 25.

Oak Bluffs

Sarah R. Grundy and Derek J. Grundy purchased unit 5 at 61E Ocean avenue in Oak Bluffs from Thomas Hjerpe and Mary Jo Hjerpe for $920,000 on August 23.

Michael J. Pohl Trs., Vivian J. Pohl Trs., Michael J. Pohl 2023 Trust and Vivian J. Pohl 2023 Trust purchased 32 Double Ox Road in Oak Bluffs from Capebuilt Lagoon Ridge LLC for $1,539,049.36 on August 23.

Mark Edward Johnson Trs. and Mark Edward Johnson Revocable Living Trust purchased 8 Hope’s Way in Oak Bluffs from Capebuilt Lagoon Ridge LLC for $1,857,255 on August 23.

Vineyard Haven

Richard S. Dubin Trs. and Mt. Aldworth Realty Trust purchased 35 Mt. Aldworth Road in Vineyard Haven from Deborah Belsky-Barr and Deborah Barr for $1,200,000 on August 22.

William Henry Yale Stevens 3rd and Heather M. Stevens purchased 42 Hagerty Drive in Vineyard Haven from Charles C. Fitzsimmons and Marielizabeth Fitzsimmons for $2,100,000 on August 22.

RW Bryant Realty LLC purchased 401 State Road in Vineyard Haven from David W. Sauter and Kirsten G. Sauter for $1,325,000 on August 24.

West Tisbury

Christopher C. McIsaac Trs., Tracey E. Braun Trs. and Town Cove II Realty Trust purchased 71 Runner Road in West Tisbury from Pond House Holdings LLC for $3,295,000 on August 24.

Island Housing Trust Corp. purchased property on Rock Pond Road in West Tisbury from John Abrams Trs., Christine Abrams Trust, Jeffrey Majkowski, Heather Majkowski, Stephen Hammond, Lynn Scott Weber, Lynn Wright-Weber, Jill Petranek, Robert Petranek, Thomas Andrews, Aretha T. Taylor, Newell Pledger-Shinn, Isbell Shinn Newell, Jennifer Leight Isbell, Jennifer Leigh Isbell Shinn, Sian Rebecca Williams, Sian Williams Bassett, Paul Farrington, Sylvia Farrington, Alexandra Pratt, Christopher Stetson Look IV, Philippe Jordi, Randi Baird, Merrie Beth Dodge, Caroline R. Flanders, Helen M. Green, Peter Sawyer, Sumner Pramer and Andrew Pramer for $1,500,000 on August 25.

Ronaldo M. Andrade and Quezia M. Da Silva purchased 362 State Road in West Tisbury from Frances F. Copeland, Frances R. Fisher Copeland, Martha F. Staples, Martha M. Staples, Donald M. Fisher Jr. and Peter D. Fisher for $800,000 on August 25.