Sinrad LLC purchased 2 Field Club Drive in Edgartown from Adam S. Helfant and Sheila J. Helfant for $9,500,000 on August 28.

23 Pinehurst Road LLC purchased 23 Pinehurst Road in Edgartown from Mary Ellen Geary, Deborah Driscoll, Charles F. Cheevers Jr., James M. Cheevers and Joseph E. Cheevers for $1,650,000 on August 28.

Rodrigo Dasilva and Eliane M. Dasilva purchased 8 Arbutus Way in Edgartown from Michael K. Smith and Lucie T. Smith for $850,000 on August 29.

Edgartown Reading Room Inc. purchased unit 2 at 16 Davis Lane in Edgartown from John William Houlder Hudgins, John William Holder Hudgins and J. Williams H. Hudgins for $400,000 on August 29.

Patrick G. Assad and Bridgette M. Assad purchased 24 Mariners Way in Edgartown from Maura Caulfield Trs. and William and Sheila Caulfield Revocable Trust for $1,700,000 on August 29.

Camilla C. Haddad purchased property off Chase Road in Edgartown from Kenneth C. Galley and Aushra R. Galley for $400,000 on August 30.

Stephanie Trahan McClung purchased unit 10 at 20 Pease’s Point Way north in Edgartown from Johanna Wetmore for $450,000 on Sept. 1.

Oak Bluffs

Lamine Hardaway and Craig Harmon purchased 33 Iron Hill Road and 33 Iron Hill Farm Road in Oak Bluffs from U.S. Bank NA Trs. and LSF9 Master Participation Trust for $900,000 on August 30.

Xerxes K. Aghassipour purchased 41 Head of the Pond Road in Oak Bluffs from James A. Burke Jr. for $1,100,000 on Sept. 1.

Vineyard Haven

Mari Fitzsimmons and Charles Fitzsimmons purchased 125 Massasoit avenue in Vineyard Haven from Alice B. Lacey Indiv. and Trs., Alice B. Lacey Realty Trust, Randall B. Brown, Thomas E. Brown and Claire Tumulty Brown for $1,875,000 on Sept. 1.

West Tisbury

Amy Beth Hansman and Mary Beth Crawford purchased 323 Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury from Barbara A. Frankel Indiv. and Trs., Frankel Realty Trust, David R. Frankel and Katherine F. Parker for $1,685,000 on August 29.