If the Chappy Ferry is forced to shut down regular service during the passage of Hurricane Lee and you have an emergency that requires you to retreat from Chappy, please call 911. Do not take it upon yourself to go out on the water when conditions are so foul that the Chappy Ferry can’t run. You will just get into trouble. We shut down regular service long before emergency service must stop. And when the ferry can’t run at all, there is a plan B. Call 911.

My guess is that during the day on Friday, we will have a gusty northeaster. Northeast winds make landing on the Chappy side a challenge. Overnight Friday and into Saturday morning the wind will be stronger but will be coming out of the north and northwest. From this direction, the ferry run is in the lee of the town.

Coastal flooding usually results with a storm such as Lee. But since the breach at Norton Point, inundation of Dock street has been minimal even when high tides were predicted to be more than a foot above normal. But, as per the old adage, we prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I suggest that you get home by sunset if you want to be on Chappy Friday night. I would also recommend that you avoid going into town Friday evening.

Maybe the storm might not be so bad, but maybe it will be worse. I check in regularly with the National Hurricane Center, Mike’s Weather Page and the Windfinder websites.