An earlier last call for Oak Bluffs alcohol establishments is set to begin next month. But the select board may soon reconsider its crackdown on the town’s late-night liquor.

Earlier this year, the board ruled to move up last call by 30 minutes, in an attempt to curb nighttime rowdiness. The change, which requires businesses to stop selling alcohol by 12:30 a.m. and close by 1 a.m., is scheduled to go into affect Oct. 1.

But during its meeting Tuesday, the board briefly discussed the change and agreed to reevaluate it at its next meeting on Sept. 26.

Select board chair Emma Green-Beach said that she had been reviewing police reports on town nightlife from the summer, and was pleased to see that business owners were making efforts to rein in any unruliness.

“If you look back on those [meeting] minutes, and what was in the newspaper articles, there were just mixed sentiments,” said Ms. Green-Beach. “And it does seem to me that the establishments have been doing a good job.”

Select board member Dion Alley was absent, so the board decided to hold any decisions until his return.

Later in the meeting, the board discussed the use of residential properties by businesses — a topic being widely debated by select boards around the Island.

The issue arose earlier in the summer when the Edgartown select board received several complaints from residents about a whiskey company using a residential property that it owns for large parties.

The parties spurred conversations among Island town leaders about zoning reforms and the appropriate use of residential homes.

The Oak Bluffs select board decided Tuesday that it would collaborate with the other towns’ select boards to evaluate zoning bylaws and potential changes to them.

“It really is an Islandwide problem that needs and Islandwide solution,” said board member Tom Hallahan. “This is such a complex issue… I think that there has to be a master plan and we need to have a broader discussion with the town heads in the future.”