The Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center is hosting a community prayer service on Friday titled An Interfaith Gathering for the People of Israel — Grief, Prayer and a Vision for the Future.

Islanders of all faiths and spiritualities are welcome, said Rabbi Caryn Broitman.

“There’s just a feeling of such raw grief and shock at the atrocity,” wrote Rabbi Broitman in an email to the Gazette. “But it really helps to feel the support of your community, whether it’s people who share a connection to the people of Israel going through this, or people who just stand with you and feel your sadness.”

The event begins at 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 13 and can be attended in person or over Zoom.

Many Islanders have friends and family in Israel, continued Rabbi Broitman, who spent her weekend checking in on members of the congregation.

“Our conversations right now include first and foremost checking in with each other about the well-being of our loved ones,” she said. “Many of us also have our own personal connections with Israel. It’s kind of second home for some of us and a lifeline to a Jewish future for others.”

When the attacks began, Rabbi Broitman said that it was challenging to find accurate and clear information on the war.

“There was so much chaos and we are only now learning about what really happened,” she said. “In addition, there is a lot of disinformation on the internet.”

The most helpful and up-to-date resources, she said, are Israel-based newspapers such as Haaretz.

In addition to Friday’s event, Rabbi Broitman is offering virtual meetings almost every day to Islanders who need continued support.

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