As the end of the calendar year approaches and you start thinking about filing your tax return, you might consider a contribution to the Chappy Community Center.

The CCC is recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service. Consult your tax adviser to fully understand the tax benefits of your donation. There will be an advantage to you on your taxes but the real benefit is in supporting the programs and upkeep of the heart of the Chappy neighborhood.

Mark your calendar for the community center’s holiday tea on Sunday, Dec. 10. Check out the online store on the CCC website for lots of ideas for gift giving.

The breach at Wasque has begun to narrow, restricting the flow of tidal waters. Since the opening occurred, there has been very little flooding of Dock street. It seems that the extra sea water from storms and extreme moon tides was escaping through the leak at the far end of Katama Bay. But just recently the harbor has crept up onto the pavement on several occasions. It’s still anybody’s guess when the breach will close.

This fall has been very colorful on Chappy. The poison ivy and maples are splendid. Even though there have been a few freezing nights, the leaves are hanging on, extending the show. In spite of the weather cooling off, the ticks still rouse themselves on a sunny day. At least the flying, biting insects have given up for the season.

Next week ends in a four-day holiday weekend. I’m not sure about what to call it now.

Regardless, it’s a wonderful time for family gatherings on the island. The summer crowds are gone. Fresh scallops are in the fish markets. You can walk the length of the beaches without anyone telling you it’s private. Just remember to wear lots of orange in the woods.