On Edgartown’s North Water street, the Mad Martha’s ice cream parlor is usually dormant in December when brisk winter weather dissuades Islanders from a frozen treat.

But next week, during the annual Christmas in Edgartown festival, the parlor will spring back to life as a holiday pop-up shop, thanks to over 30 students studying business at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School.

Complete with Island-made goods such as pottery, sweets, clothing and artwork from 10 partnering businesses and the school’s Career and Technical Education program, the pop-up shop will give Islanders an opportunity to do some holiday shopping and its student workers a chance to learn the ins and outs of business management.

“The owner, [Brook Katzen], has just been really generous letting us take over the space,” said senior Brooke Ward, who is one of four students spearheading the pop-up.

“We’re going to be selling some of his ice cream, too, even though it’s cold during Christmas,” added senior Nick Carpenter, who is the manager of the pop-up.

The students began brainstorming a way to bring their business studies outside of the classroom in September. Business teacher Paul Angelico presented the idea for a holiday shop during one of the off-season’s most popular weekends, but said that it was the kids who have since ran with it.

Faculty advisor Paul Angelico. — Ray Ewing

“I’m honestly surprised at the support they’ve gotten from third-party vendors,” said Mr. Angelico. “We’ve got honey, jerky, coffee, Brazilian food, glassware . . . . I mean nobody said no when we reached out about contributing products.”

For Brooke, her months of efforts to organize and promote the pop-up shop coincided perfectly with her applications to university marketing programs. She admitted that at times it was difficult to balance the store with her other classes and college search, but said that the experience has been invaluable.

Junior Hope Federowicz is using the shop as a way to combine her two passions: business and art. She designed the store’s logo — a Christmas wreath with a bright red ribbon, yellow ornaments and “MV” in the center.

“I used to be convinced that I wanted to go to art school, and I realized last year in my art class that it wasn’t totally for me,” she said. “So now I’m planning to take psychology next semester, and I’m thinking that my business knowledge, mixed with art and then mixed with psychology could really help me reach customers.”

Kevin Peres, a junior, is planning to take a non-business path after high school, but said that starting the shop has helped him better understand the Island’s local economy and the courage it takes to start a business.

“It’s really made me aware of the risk,” Kevin said. “I know that with this we’re not technically risking anything. But for an individual person, they’re putting their entire life into it. And if it flops, you’re kind of screwed.”

The team and several other students from the school’s variety of business classes will head over to Mad Martha’s early next week to begin transforming the space for the pop-up. Once the store is decorated and inventory is taken and displayed, the students will be ready to welcome customers for Christmas in Edgartown.

All proceeds will go to the high school’s student activity fund and a scholarship to be awarded to a student who intends to study business or start their own business after high school.

The shop will be open from 3 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 7 and Friday, Dec. 8. During Christmas in Edgartown weekend, the pop-up shop will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

“I grew up going to local businesses here and always wanted to know how they all interact with each other,” Nick said. “So really all of this has just made me way more aware of how everybody on this Island helps each other out. That’s something that I think other places don’t necessarily have. We have a unique, connected community here.”