The Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center received a hoax bomb threat over email on Sunday morning, part of a wave of threats also sent to approximately 30 other Massachusetts synagogues, according to Rabbi Caryn Broitman.

The message, said Rabbi Broitman, was quickly investigated and debunked by local and state law enforcement.

“Within hours, we were 100 per cent assured that it was a hoax, and everything was safe,” she said, in an interview with the Gazette. “We weren’t panicked in any way. But we were very deliberative and taking every precaution.”

The threat was sent to the center’s general email, Rabbi Broitman said, during a meeting of around five people held that morning. The building was quickly evacuated, and police were called. After a sweep of the building by local police, she said, state police sent in a bomb-sniffing dog to ensure the area was safe.

“It’s definitely concerning,” she said, “but at the same time it’s strengthening in that the police were just so responsive, and professional.”

This is the first time the Hebrew Center has received such a threat, Rabbi Broitman said, adding that the center has taken necessary precautions.

“It’s not something I’m scared about because I know that we are doing everything we need to do,” she said.

-Thomas Humphrey