Mr. Giordano is a boxer, a musician, a motorcycle enthusiast and an artist. His latest work of art is a motorcycle he calls Voodoo Doll, which will be on display at the Martha’s Vineyard Museum, beginning with an opening reception this Friday at 5:30 p.m.

The exhibit is called Clearly Misunderstood. The title, Mr. Giordano said, was part of an evolution of titles, all stemming from a place of duality.

“You think you are getting one thing but you are getting something else,” Mr. Giordano said.

Case in point, seeing a motorcycle with a skull for a headlight and tires outlined with the phrase Stick It to the Man may not be your usual museum fare, Mr. Giordano said, but that’s just on first glance.

“It is an odd exhibit within the confines of this institution,” he admitted. “But if you spend time with it, you soften and can discover new things.”

To encounter Voodoo Doll is to submit to visceral contemplation, the sight of a motorcycle at rest but very much alive. Mr. Giordano built it during the Covid epidemic. The creative process was “a refuge from the isolation” he writes in an artist statement, and the finished product correlates with the magic he feels when riding motorcycles.

“When riding you are not stuck in the past or the future — you are fully in the present, which is a magical place to be,” he said.

The exhibit is also functional.

“It’s inspected and registered,” Mr. Giordano said, adding that creating a piece of art that could also hit the streets provided new challenges.

“When the lights are the eyes of a skull it can get pretty tricky,” he said.

The exhibit is one that unfolds over time. On Friday, there will be an opening reception and on Feb. 22 Mr. Giordano will return to the museum for a behind-the-scenes talk on his creative process. On March 28 he will host a hands-on workshop called Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Building for anyone looking for inspiration on their own creative journey.

“You don’t need much of anything,” Mr. Giordano said. “You don’t need permission. You just need a hammer, a saw and a vision.”

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