The Vernal Equinox came by last night. Now let’s hope the temperature follows suit.

Great update on Sammy, Jacqueline Baer’s faithful feline companion. Daughter Gretchen has found a warm and loving home on-Island for Sammy. Gretchen thanks all who reached out to her. Gretchen also invites all to attend the memorial service for Jacqueline on Saturday, April 6 at Grace Church at 10:30 a.m. I’ll see you there.

Easter is early this year, arriving on March 31.

The Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center invites all to celebrate Purim on Sunday, March 24. The children’s carnival begins at 10 a.m. At 11 a.m., adults and children have a Spiel and Megillah reading. If attending by Zoom you must pre-register. Chef Ting’s Hamentstaschen lunch will be served at noon.

La Choza has expanded. There is a revised kitchen area. The menu is being redesigned. And there are now tables for sitting and eating in. I can’t wait to see this welcome addition on Main street.

Meanwhile, our beloved Aquila restaurant has partnered with the Martha’s Vineyard Museum to provide refreshments and light fare at the First Light Cafe. Another welcome change in our town.
Sofia Anthony reports that, unfortunately, the Neighborhood Convention scheduled for April 2 needs to be cancelled. They will come back, strong and ready, in May.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Vicki BenDavid White on March 10; Elaine C.Carroll celebrated on March 15; Rena Viera celebrated her birthday on St. Patrick’s Day; and on March 28 Steve Strickland takes the cake. Many happy returns.