After two years of construction and nearly a decade of planning, Edgartown Stop & Shop officially cut the ribbon for their newly renovated Upper Main street location on April 12, capping off the celebration with a $10,000 donation to the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club.

“I’m happy to welcome you to our new Edgartown store. The celebration we’re having today is several years in the making” said Ben Feller, Stop & Shop’s district manager for the region, who spoke on Friday. “We wouldn’t be here today without the incredible partnership from the community.”

In addition to the 43,000 square feet of additional floor space, Mr. Feller touted the new energy efficient aspects of the building, including their conversion of HVAC and cooking equipment to electric.

Left to right: Mary McEvoy, store manager, Dhakir Warren, director of the Boys & Girls Club, and Ben Feller, Stop & Shop’s district manager for the region — Ray Ewing

Mr. Feller thanked a host of town officials for their help on the project, including select board member Arthur Smadbeck, who also spoke.

“This is such an amazing job,” he said. “It’s just marvelous, we’re all thrilled.”

Mr. Feller then turned the microphone over to store manager Mary McEvoy, who lauded the new offerings the store has added since the expansion.

“We have pizza! We have wings! If we don’t have it, you don’t need it,” she said.

Select board member Arthur Smadbeck praised the store. — Ray Ewing

Ms. McEvoy also thanked the store staff present that day, who had worked to keep the branch open throughout the construction.

“We have worked through two years of trial and tribulation,” she said. “Every single one of you showed up with a smile on your face, and a great attitude, and still served every customer.”