Oak Bluffs became a bit greener over the weekend.

More than 20 volunteers gathered Sunday morning to plant 10 new trees across three parks in town — Niantic, Nashawena and Viera.

The effort was organized by the Oak Bluffs Tree Stewards. The volunteer group, headed by Kelly Joyce and Peter Meleny, works with the town’s parks commission to plant and care for trees in existing green spaces. This was the second planting the group has conducted.

Dana Hughes and Kelly Joyce explain the planting process. — Ray Ewing

On Sunday, the volunteer planters warmed their hands with hot coffee and baked goods before the event began.

“Thank you all for coming out. It’s so great to see everyone here to green up our parks,” Ms. Joyce said to the crowd. “This is all being done by volunteer labor.”

The tree stewards began raising money last year for their first planting in October.

“Peter and I went door-to-door, other people went door-to-door,” Ms. Joyce said in an interview Monday morning. “This was a community-building exercise as much as it was a habitat-building exercise.”

Tony Lima, Oak Bluffs parks commissioner. — Ray Ewing

The group raised at least $6,000 in the fall, enough money to cover both plantings. With the nascent success of the project, Mr. Meleny was also able to secure funding through the Community Preservation Act for three more years of planting, which will add up to a total of 60 trees.

The tree stewards purchased the trees from Chestnut Ridge Nursery in Springville, N.Y.

Parks commissioner Tony Lima determined what type of trees to plant, including white oak, scarlet oak, serviceberry, hornbeam, American elm, red maple, linden and sycamore.

One sycamore tree was purchased by the children of Howard and Marjorie Leonard, who grew up in one of the houses that line Nashawena Park.

Chris Joyce (far right) leads a group in Niantic Park. — Ray Ewing

“This is in honor of our parents,” said Judith Culver, the oldest of the Leonard children.

“I’m grateful....It was a nice way to make a tribute,” she said.

Ms. Culver recalled playing baseball and learning to ride her bike in the park as the volunteers, which included her brother Paul Leonard, pressed soil around the tree’s roots.

“This was the best childhood right here,” she said.

Although some of the holes were dug ahead of time, most of the planting work was done Sunday morning. Each group unwrapped their trees and made sure the holes were deep enough to hold the roots. Volunteers filled each pit with soil, poured in water and root hormone, and then added a layer of mulch.

“This is how you get things done in Oak Bluffs,” said Anna Marie D’Addarie as she straightened a white oak, “Get, no pun intended, a grass roots campaign started.”