Island performers of a variety of disciplines are gathering for the first Aquinnah Variety Show at town hall this Saturday. Poets, actors, dancers and singers of all ages will be among the 15 acts taking the stage at 5 p.m.

Laura Jordan-Decker and Kate Taylor first put out a call for performers in January, particularly for people from Aquinnah.

“We know that there must be creative people hiding out here, we want you to come and see us,” said Ms. Jordan-Decker in a phone interview with the Gazette.

The two musicians are both members of the Ukeladies. They decided to put together the talent show after discussing how useful the stage at town hall could be for local performances.

“We talked about the town hall and what an amazing place it would be to put on a show,” Ms. Jordan-Decker said. “That doesn’t really happen anymore, but . . . [we] heard stories about that stage being used.”

Although this show is happening in May, Ms. Jordan-Decker hopes that going forward the event can become a source of community in the winter.

“This is also something that can get people coming out in the winter season to be creative and collaborate.”

Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Baked goods from Orange Peel Bakery will be served. Admission is free.