An award-winning show that has traveled to New York City, Los Angeles and London will be coming to the Island for one night this week. 

Eugene Pack. — Joan Marcus

Celebrity Autobiography won the 2009 Drama Desk Award for unique theatrical experience, and will be presented on July 6 at the Performing Arts Center to raise money for the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse. It consists of stars reading and acting out excerpts from celebrity memoirs and autobiographies.

“We’re making fun of the fact that if you’re a celebrity there’s this impulse to write a memoir or a fitness book or a book about how to get organized or about relationships,” said Eugene Pack, who created the show. “People are fascinated by it, but when you bring these words to life on stage, it’s really hilarious.”

Island performers include Tony Shalhoub, Brooke Adams, Amy Brenneman, Brad Silberling, Pamela Adlon, Tonye Patano, Dayle Reyfel, who helped develop the show, and Mr. Pack.

Mr. Pack said that the show is inspired by Vanna Speaks! the autobiography written by Vanna White. In the book, Ms. White recounts trying to balance changing the panels on Wheel of Fortune with managing a costume malfunction.

“I thought if you read this aloud to an audience, it’s all unintentional humor, but read verbatim these passages from the celebrity memoirs, could that be a show,” Mr. Pack said. 

He added that the show ends with a dramatization of an iconic story from Hollywood history: the romantic entanglement of Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The scene is taken from the words of their respective memoirs.

“It’s a great benefit for the playhouse and an opportunity to see these great performers in action,” Mr. Pack said.

Celebrity Autobiography begins at 7 p.m. on July 6. Tickets are available on the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse website or at the door.