On Facebook a few days ago, Albert Fischer recalled a boyhood summer when he found a newly-hatched crow, which he fed, raised, tamed and named Stanley. He, his two dogs and Stanley flew together through the fields and woods and when Stanley was a little older, he mischievously rode on the tops of cars that had stopped at Beetlebung Corner.

The story prompted Brian Athearn to remember Chuck, the crow he adopted when he was a lad. Those of us who lived near the Athearns in those days knew Chuck not only as a cocky accessory to Brian but as an after-hours motif at various grown-up get-togethers. Chuck was known to crash backyard cocktail parties hosted by John and Shirley Mayhew, Bob and Maggie Schwartz or Tom and Helen Maley. Sarah Mayhew has photographs of Chuck perched on her father’s shoulder trying to cop a sip of John’s drink.

On that same street corner, the Congregational Church will host its annual Berry Festival Saturday, July 13 from noon to 4 p.m. Choose from shortcakes, pies, smoothies and parfaits with ice cream or whipped cream to savor at home or on the church lawn. Sinful. New this year, the church has paired with Island Eats, employing reusable bowls and cups to serve the treats. Someone from Island Eats will be in attendance to explain their eco-friendly recycling system.

Nicole Alley, her husband Arsen Hambaralzumian and their four sons, ages eight through twelve, are here to help Nicole’s mother, Anna Alley, celebrate her birthday. Because the boys are active in wrestling, football and other sports, the family doesn’t get here as often as everyone would like.

Marci Brundage was here from Boston on vacation visiting her close friend Stephanie Brothers. The ladies hit the beach, the pool, the parade, the fireworks, the restaurants—the whole Vineyard summer shebang.

Fred and Mary Manak from San Diego were here visiting Sara Rosenthal and Julie Prazich. The couples live in the same apartment complex and are good friends.

Harvey and Deena Mazer have arrived at their home on Lambert’s Cove Road.

You’re invited to try aerial yoga inside silk hammocks to see how many directions your body can move. It takes place outdoors at the library Friday, July 12 at 10:30 a.m. Jen DeLorenzo will show you how to defy gravity and see the world from all sorts of angles. Anyone under ten must have an adult with them.

More terrible news this week. Prudy Whiting, who was the town clerk for a number of years, has died unexpectedly. For so many of us, this is turning into a summer of shocks and grief.

Sierra Murtha, age 11, experienced an unexpected taste of sorrow when she visited South Africa with her family this past spring. Sierra wrote, “Dear Diary. Today may be the saddest day of my life. We saw a baby elephant walking down the road. All of a sudden the baby ran toward us. He rubbed his little trunk through the window of the car and touched us and rubbed himself on the car. He was too young to be away from his mother. In a few minutes, he made sounds that made me cry. He died right there by the side of the road.”

Imagining a happier possibility: All those in favor of a roundabout at the West Tisbury end of Barnes road say aye. Aye.