Ethel Graham, 93, Was Known as Gentle Lady

In 1992, the Gazette ran an account of the passing of one of the Island's most colorful summer residents. He was widely known, loved and respected, though Jim Graham wore the nickname Captain Nasty. He liked this sobriquet, because, in his humility, it really masked his generosity and love for all.

Jim Graham and his beloved wife, Ethel, were longtime summer visitors and used to rent a small cottage on Tashmoo from the Baptistes for the entire summer. The sign some loving friend mounted over the front door read: "In this house lived a cranky, old man and a Gentle Lady." Everybody saw it and smiled.

Last month, the Gentle Lady, Ethel Graham, died at the age of 93 in a retirement home in Florida. Right up until the final days, she had a clear mind, deep interest in television quiz shows, and activities of her friends, relatives, and neighbors, near and far.

Ethel Graham leaves two daughters, Carolyn and Janet, both living in Georgia, and in-laws, nieces and nephews widely scattered across the country. Survivors also include a sister, Anita Costello, living in California, a granddaughter, Elisa Borth and her husband Jeff, living in Colorado, and a great-grandson, Blake Borth.

Ethel's remains will be placed in the Vineyard Haven cemetery family plot, next to those of her husband, Jim. Captain Nasty and Gentle Lady will rest in peace - together again.