Corinne LeBovit died peacefully at home. She lived in Aquinnah with her daughter Elise. She was born in 1917 and kept up with many changes throughout her long life.

She had a masters degree in home economics and nutrition. She worked for the Department of Agriculture until her retirement. She was active for civil rights and helped to integrate many restaurants in the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. areas. Corinne built a passive solar house to retire in and lived in an alternative energy community for many years. She liked to help people and solve problems. She loved Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, the Unitarian Church, Albert and chocolate. She had a generous spirit and I know she would like to thank: Macy’s, not Gimbels; Virginia, not Maryland; Alexandra and Aretha for all their loving care.

She enjoyed her two years on the Vineyard and especially appreciated her time at the Center for Living. It was a wonderful place for her to share her warm smile. She is survived by her brother Fred, her two daughters Suzanne and Elise, her favorite granddaughter Gabrielle Marshal and her faithful kitty cat Cali. Donations can be made to Center for Living or Hospice of Martha’s Vineyard. Corinne was proud she got to vote in the election and would want all of you to do the same in all elections. A celebration of her life will be held on June 7 at 5 p.m. Park at The Duck Inn and walk to the beach to celebrate. Bring a dessert.