Mary Anderson MacDonald died Dec. 7 in Savannah, Ga. surrounded by her family with her favorite music playing and pictures of everyone she loved displayed. She was born in Orange, N.J. on Nov. 28, 1939, and grew up in Maplewood, N.J.

She graduated from Columbia High School in 1957 and attended Orange Memorial School of Nursing, held an LPN license and worked at Orange Memorial Hospital. After being a nurse for 10 years, she changed professions and became a real estate agent and subsequently a broker with a GRI designation. Throughout her 38-year career in real estate, she worked for multiple real estate agencies including, Chas. J Klein Company, Dunn and Hartford Realtors, Burgdoff Realtors, Harborside Realty on Martha’s Vineyard, Jarrett and Cohn Real Estate. She finished her career at ERA Kelly and Fisher in Savannah, Ga.

In addition to her professional career, while in Maplewood, N.J. she was involved in many civic organizations, including co-founding the Maplewood historical society with her first husband, John Rountree. She was a member of the Junior Women’s Club, served for many years on the citizen’s budget advisory committee, was a charter member of Maplewood Friends, and at one point was president of the League of Women Voters. An avid classical music lover and choir member in multiple churches throughout her life, she enjoyed learning challenging choral works and enjoyed classical music of all types.

Mary Ann said: “My family is my greatest blessing.” She raised five wonderful children in Maplewood and spent summers on the Vineyard. Throughout those summers she realized how at home she felt on the Island, and in 1986 she and her second husband, Gene Horne, made it their home. Being an adventurous dreamer, in 1997, she made Camden, Me. her home and then in 2005, she moved to Savannah, Ga. Her next adventure was going to be Scotland, the home of her ancestors.

She is survived by her five children, Kirsten, David, Craig, Glenn, and Scott; daughters in law Mimi, Tara, Lynda and Pascale; her first husband, John; a brother, Robert and niece Kate; her husband, Gene (“her greatest joy”) and dog Bonnie; grandchildren, Isobel, Grace, Jill, Shelly, Amanda and Abigail; and cousins, Jean Gill, Bill Salisbury, Sue Lauderbaugh and Jim Salisbury.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Ga. in Mary Ann’s name.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, Dec. 15 at 3 p.m. at the Wilmington Island Presbyterian Church.