Winifred Dean, a regular summer visitor to Chappaquiddick who for years helped organize the book sale at the annual Community Center fair, died Dec. 23 at her home in Chapel Hill, N.C., after suffering a stroke. She was 93.

Born in Montclair, N.J., she was a daughter of Thomas and Alice Martin O’Malley. She married Joseph L. Dean in 1943 and, when he returned from wartime Merchant Marine service overseas, they settled in New Jersey, eventually moving to the village of Packanack Lake. Mr. Dean, the director of advertising and public relations for Combustion Engineering, died in 1964.

Mrs. Dean was a graduate of Fairleigh Dickenson University and earned a master’s degree in business from Montclair State University. After moving to Chapel Hill in 1977, she was for several years the business manager of the Home Health Agency.

She was an avid reader and timed her visits to Chappaquiddick so that she would be on hand for the book sale at the fair.

She was adept at recommending books she thought browsers might like and even though she regularly gave children’s books away to young readers, she boasted, rightly, that receipts were always higher when she was running the cash box.

She is survived by her daughters Barbara Dean of Chapel Hill and Cornelia Dean of New York city and Chappaquiddick; two sisters, Eileen Lohr of Chapel Hill and Dorothy Ihde of Spring Lake, N.J.; and many nieces and nephews.